Cal i Grow strawberries in Grow bag at Home

How to Grow Strawberries in Grow Bags at Your Home?

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Grow strawberries at your home and the easy steps to grow strawberries in pots or grow bags

Strawberries! The most lovable bold red color fruit and the most favorite fruit of most of the people in the world! It is an unavoidable fruit that will be added in all dairy foods like ice creams, yogurts, smoothies, pastry foods , Pies and juices. People consume it as raw or frozen forms.

Do you believe that you can this exotic and all rounder fruit at home? You may think that growing strawberries is only possible in areas with cool climate or in the hill stations only. But that is a myth only. strawberries aren’t difficult to grow and they are one of the easy to grow types. Strawberries grow in all climates even in hot climate areas.

Do you still believe the myths about growing strawberries at home! Do you think it is not possible for you! Never! You can easily grow strawberries in pots or grow bags or in hanging basket at your balcony . You can grow either by planting saplings from nursery and also from seeds of the strawberries. Growing strawberries from seeds  is also quite possible, you must have patience.

Health Benefits of strawberries

Strawberries are super packed with Vitamin C ,manganese, Vitamin B9, Potassium, fiber and antioxidants. It helps to prevent heart diseases and cancer. As it has low GI(Glycemic Index), it helps for blood sugar regulation.

When to grow strawberries? - The best climate for growing strawberries

You can grow strawberry plants in October and November months , and the weather conditions will be opt for the plants to grow. You will get the fruit harvest during February and March the early summer times.

Where to place the grow bags of strawberry?

Strawberry plants need more sunlight to grow. You should place the bag where it gets 6 hours of sunlight. If the weather is so hot, you can place it under the green nets or in a partially shady area.

Methods of growing strawberries

There are two major methods that are commonly used by the home gardeners in planting strawberries. 1. Using nursery bought saplings 2. Using Seeds.

 If you can get the runners ( A thick stem with nodes ) from your gardener friends , you can also grow them using the runners as well.

Recommended method for beginner gardeners:

Growing strawberry from seeds is a tedious process which needs so much patience. It will take long to germinate . Beginners may avoid this method and start with the nursery bought strawberry seedlings which will give more confidence to them. This is the easy way to grow strawberries in containers.

The best potting mix that makes the strawberry to grow healthy

Strawberries grow best in sandy loam soil with rich organic matter. The Soil should be well drained. You can follow the ratio of 40% normal garden soil, 10% of sand,10% of coco peat, 10% of Neem oil cake powder and the remaining 30% should be the vermi compost.

How to select the right grow bags for planting strawberries - Practical Tips

The strawberry plants are bushy plants that will not grow upwards. They spread their runners in the sides only. So a 6-8 inches small grow bag is enough to plant strawberries. You should plant one plant per bag. You can plant it in a large rectangular grow bag for growing runners for getting further plants just like a master grow bag and keep the other small grow bags for getting yields. You will get yields from the rectangular grow bag as well and the only thing you should not allow the fruits in the middle of the bag to touch the soil. It may cause rotting of the fruits.

Super easy maintenance of strawberry plants

The strawberry plant needs less maintenance only. You should remove the dry and yellow leaves whenever you see them. Maintain the right moisture level of the soil. It should not be too dry or too wet. You can provide the banana peel liquid fertilizers to the plant once in a week. There will be no major pest control needed for this plant. You should give protection only from the squirrels, rats and the birds by providing nets to cover the plants.

Why People think growing strawberry at home is  difficult?

Planting the strawberries in the wrong climates and not having the right potting mix may be the few reasons for the failures in growing strawberries in the home garden. There are some tips and tricks involved in growing the strawberries at home. By following the tips, you can successfully harvest strawberries.

Important factors to be considered while growing strawberry plants - Secret Tips Revealed

Here are the tips to follow and some important factors to consider , while planting the strawberries at home.

Selection of Plants

You should select the healthy saplings with widely opened leaves. Avoid buying the plant with leaf curls, leaves with burnt corners . These are indications that the plant is in stress and will die soon. So, selection of sapling is most important and if possible get the plants with flowers..

Suitable Potting Mix

The potting soil should be loamy, well drained and rich in nutrients too. The poor drainage of water leads to rotting of the plant roots. The potting mix should contain sand  for proper drain of water, coco peat to retain the moisture, vermi compost to provide the essential nutrients as well as to keep cooling of the plant and neem oil cake powder to avoid fungal infections.

Selection of Grow bags

Selection of right grow bags and no., of plants per grow bags is another important factor. The strawberry plant will not grow upwards. It will spread its runners horizontally and the roots will not go much deeper. So, no need for big grow bags and bags with less height but little wider will suit for planting the strawberry plants. A 6 or 8 inch grow bag is enough and you may use hanging pots as well.

Planting Techniques - Taking Care of Plant crown

While planting the strawberry plant, you should take care of the plant crown. You should not cover the plant crown which is the most important part of the plant. Covering the plant crown into the soil lets the crown rot and the plant will die soon.


Strawberry plants always need the soil in good moisture. The coco peat we added in the potting mix , will help the soil to retain the moisture. While watering  the plant, do not pour the water on the leaves or mainly on the plant crown, you should water only on the soil.

Make sure that the roots  get wet thoroughly while watering and properly drained out from the drainage holes. If you let the soil dry , it will cause burnt leaves and the fruit will not grow big.


Mulching is most important in growing strawberry plants both in home gardens as well as in commercial cultivation. You may the see the strawberry fields that are covered with sheets for mulching purpose.The strawberry plants are bushy and spread their runners side-wards and the  flowers and fruits also lay on the soil. It will lead to rotting of fruit and fungal infections to the plant. The moisture level should also be maintained. So we have to do mulching with straw pieces , dry leaves or with coco fiber. Mulching helps to avoid weeds growth, fruit rotting and protects the plant from bacterial and fungal infections. Do not cover the crown of the plant by mulching to get good air circulation properly.

Fertilizing at right time:

Fertilizing at the right  time is also important. You should not give any fertilizer immediately after repotting the plant. The heat effect of the fertilizers will let the plant to die.. Allow it to grow for at least for two weeks and then you can give any organic fertilizers like vermi compost or vegetable compost. You can spray the plant boosters at the time of flowering.

Where to place the grow bags

Strawberry plants need 6-7 hours of direct sunlight for better growing. However, you should not place the grow bag immediately after repotting. You should place it where it can have partial sunlight for 3 days. After 3 days, you move it to the direct sunlight place. But do not let it be in harsh sunlight, it will damage the plant.


Yes. The strawberries need need 6-7 hours of direct sunlight and will start blooming in the early summer time.

At the time of flowering, you can spray coco milk solution or fermented rice water solutions on the flowers to get good yields.

Yes. You need to cut off the extra liners and let the mother plant to get the entire nutrients in full. You can grow a separate plant to get runners for future planting.

  Now, I hope to understand that growing strawberries in grow bags is not at all a difficult one! Enjoy gardening and successfully grow strawberries at your home and save your money!

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