What to Grow In the Garden in April in India

What to Grow in the Garden in April in India?

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Awesome Summer Vegetables in India for Your Garden this April

It’s already been 3 months past this year & if you are still doubtful about what plant to add to your Indian garden, you have now landed at the right place. Here is an exclusive list of choices that would not only grow but also thrive in your Indian gardens during April. So, let’s explore in detail the planting, growing & gardening in April.

Perfect Vegetables to Grow Your Garden in April

Name Harvesting Vitamins
70 to 75 Days
C & A
75 Days
C & Antioxidants
80 to 150 Days
65 to 70 Days
B, E & Potassium
40 to 45 Days
C, K. Manganese, Iron

Time to Plant Some Vegetable Seeds this Indian Summer

1. Capsicum - Capsicum annuum

capsicum planting

Capsicum grows best when planted in the early days of April. These box like greeny veggies require loamy soil for their growth. They require a day temperature of 35 to 40℃ and a night temperature of 18 to 20℃. They have developed a fondness for sunlight requiring them for a minimum of 6 hours a day. But, here’s the catch! The harvesting time depends upon the colour of the capsicum planted. Those which are green can be harvested in 50 – 55 days, whilst those that are yellow take 70 to 75 days for harvesting. Red capsicum takes the longest time to harvest at around 80 to 89 days. Capsicums are highly rich in Vitamins C &  A.

2. Chilly – Capsicum frutescens

chilly planting

 It’s time to introduce some hotness into your gardens. Chillies grow best when planted during the mid of April. Chillies thrive in all types of soil but the loamy & clayey loam soils work better than the others. The temperature should be between 20 to 25℃  for optimal growth of chillies with moderate exposure to sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours each day. They become ready for harvesting by the 75th day. Chillies are known for their high amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

3. Onion – Allium cepa

onion planting

Another great pick to grow in your garden would be Onions! Hailing from the family of underground tubers, Onions can be grown towards the end of April on sandy loam or clayey loam or slit loam and heavy soils. The optimum temperature for their growth would be 75℉ with medium exposure to sunlight daily. Onions take 80 to 150 days for being harvest ready & they are the richest source of vitamins & minerals being very low on calories at the same time.

4. Tomato – Lycopersicon esculentum

tomato planting

A juicy berry without which our salads won’t be complete, Tomatoes can be grown in the early days of April. They require heavy to sandy soils rich in organic matter. The best fruit colour is obtained when the temperatures are maintained between 21 – 24℃. Tomatoes are die hard fans of sunlight & require large amounts of sunlight every day. They become ready for harvest around 65 to 70 days and are rich in nutrients such as Vitamin B, E and Potassium.

5. Coriander – Coriandrum sativum

Coriander planting

These great to smell leafy greens are suitable to be grown in the early days of April. They prefer sandy loam soils with temperatures between 17 to 27℃. Their photosynthesis schedule mandates a 4 – 5 hour period of direct sunlight daily. A coriander crop matures for harvesting around 40 to 45 days & is rich in nutrients such as Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, and Vitamins C, K

Best Vegetables to Grow in April Summer in India

Check out the video below to find out the best 20 April summer vegetables to grow at home.


A fruit growing season chart of India is one that contains the list of all fruits that are suitable to be grown in the local climatic conditions throughout the year.

Apart from the list given above, one can also start growing Brocolli, Beetroot & Spinach in your gardens during April.

The most suitable flower seeds to sow in April are Marigold, Rose, Hibiscus & Sunflower. These flowers would bring with them the beauty of colours to your gardens.

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