Which vegetables can be grown in May

What to Grow in the Garden in May in India?

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Best Summer Vegetables in India for Your Garden - May Growing Season

May in India may be the hottest month, but don’t let that stop your gardening plans! Growing fruits and vegetables in your garden is not an easy task, so we have included the major pointers to bear in mind while cultivating them in this article. So, let’s get started with making this May, a gardening May!

Perfect Vegetables to Grow in Your Vegetable Garden this May

1. Onion – Allium cepa

A great pick to cultivate in your garden during the Indian summer season would be the Onions! Being a member of the underground tubers family, Onions can be grown during the early days of May on sandy loam or clayey loam or slit loam and heavy soils. These bulby veggies need a temperature of 75℉ with moderate sunlight exposure daily. Onions can be harvested in 100 – 175 days & they are rich sources of vitamin C & carbohydrates.

2. Pumpkin - Cucurbita moschata

These Humpty dumpties are suitable to be sown in your gardens towards the end of May in slightly acidic or neutral soil. Pumpkins grow best when the temperature is maintained between 20 – 30℃. They need at least 6 hours of unfiltered direct sunlight daily. The harvesting period is between 90 – 120 days. Pumpkins are rich in Iron, Copper, Vitamin C, B2, A & E.

3. Radish - Raphanus sativus

Yet another member from the underground tubers, Radish prefers a cool & loose soil and can be grown in the mid days of May. They need a sunny spot with at least 6 hours of interaction with the sunlight daily. Though the harvesting time changes depending on the variety sown, they typically range between 25 – 60 days. Radishes have abundant antioxidants and are an excellent source of minerals like Calcium and Potassium.

4. Brinjal - Solanum melongena

Being a sun lover, brinjal would like to receive sunlight for 6 to 7 hours every day. The sweet time for planting their seeds & watch them grow would be towards the end of May. They can grow in all types of soil varying from those that are slightly sandy to those which are heavyweight clayey. A 100-120 day tenure would be needed to get them harvested. Brinjals are rich in Thiamine, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus and fibre.

5. Bitter gourd - Momordica charantia

These elongated veggies make an excellent pick for growing in Indian gardens during the mid of May. They need well-drained sandy soil with 6 – 8 hours of sunlight daily & become ready for harvest in about 55 – 66 days. One ought to bear in mind that these gourds prefer to thrive in a hot and humid climate. They make a good diet for our tummy being rich in fibre, carbohydrates & proteins.


Consulting the seed sowing calendar for India, the following are the flowers that came up as the best choices for sowing during May – Marigold, Sunflower & Zinnia.

Soil preparation is the way in which the soil of your garden is made enriched with nutrients & beneficial microorganisms making it a healthy habitat for the plants to grow upon. The highly recommended way to get it done is by adding vermi compost or organic manure.

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