Advantages of Grow bags

How to Make Grow Bags Better Look?

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How to Make grow bags look better in your home garden

Home gardens are trending now, many people have the gardening as a passion and become home gardeners. They start the garden using pots, containers and grow bags to grow vegetables and herb by themselves.

Why grow bags are needed for home garden - Advantages of using grow bags.

Many people from urban area have limited space for their home garden. They want to use their balcony and terrace for growing plants. Grow bags are light in weight, durable, unbreakable, easily portable , needs less space and easy to maintain. You can fold it and keep in a shelf when not in use. They are well designed with proper drainage holes as well and you can get good yields from the grow bag garden as much as your ground garden gives!

Organizing your grow bag garden

Though , the grow bags occupies less space in you home garden, you have to plan well for making your grow bags look better. There are many well designed grow bags are available in the market . Not like before, now grow bags are available with attractive stripes, circle designs and in different shades of colors. You may choose colorful grow bags and make your paintings on it to make it look better.

Selection of right grow bags for right plants

Selection of grow bags play main role in your home garden. You have to choose different size for different vegetables like tomatoes, greens and for creepers. For Example. you need not to use a big & deeper grow bags for growing greens and a creeper plant does not need more wider grow bags. So, you have to use right grow bags for right plants and utilize your garden area wisely.

Simple Ideas for making DIY grow bags

You can make your own grow bags from the materials easily available in your home. You can convert the old rice bags into grow bags by simple alterations. The old felt and denim materials can also be used to stitch grow bags asper your needs as big or small and also as rectangular shapes. You can fix a handle in both sides for easy portability. If you want to make grow bags, you can do it with the fabric roll and stitch it.

Advantages of Fabric Grow bags

Fabric grow bags are breathable and promote root aerations. By allowing air circulation, they cool the soil and promote healthier roots by air pruning and finally let you good yields. The excess heat during hot summer exits from the sides and controls the temperature. The better drainage of water in these bags help to regulate the temperature as well.

Get customized grow bags for growing root vegetables like Potato

There are many innovative customized designs available in the market. You need not to use standard designs for your home garden asper your garden size. You can use less width and deeper grow bags to grow creepers and wider and less deeper grow bags for growing greens. Grow bags with a ventilated holes in the bottom are called as potato bags which helps the plant to have proper drainage, air circulation that allows the roots to breathe , helps easy harvest and gives high yields.

Hope the above tips help you to make your grow bags look better and attractive.

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